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Monday, September 30, 2013

Day 13

Some days a late start (1:00) is nice, I managed to finish up the Visual Story climax essay before class, and we had a Visual Story group meeting too.  Productivity at its finest, or something.

Improv was all about users today.  We got to talk about a fictitious product, while Patrick corrected and pointed out the ways we could improve.  I need to start thinking faster on my feet when making things up... on the other hand when do I make things up in the real world?!!?

We then took a look at our technology storyboards and came up with what we had in common (in groups of 4).  Then we made a fictitious product to solve a users problem. 

Somewhere in there we also drew pictures for about a dozen words that Patrick said to us, and listened to music to find patterns.

I guess this week is users or patterns.

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