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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 14

Rain rain go away.  It poured when I was about half way to the CDM. Rain jacket? check. Backpack rain jacket? Check. Umbrella? Umbrella? Umbrella? Nope. I got very wet.

At dailies we presented first.  We didn't get much feedback (not good) we learned a few things, but not exactly what we needed.  We think the problem was that we stopped too soon.  We had the right idea but needed to, at the very least, probably go a bit further.  We should have applied the 5 whys to the RFP to see why we think they are giving us this RFP.  Live and learn, and we didn't have to throw out anything so there is that.

Most other groups wanted to make games, or apps, or websites, or games AND apps AND websites.  One thing that comes out of it is that there are probably many audiences, and we may be picking more than one "winner".

We also showed George our prototype film.  He seemed pleased and is allowing us to use music, as long as it is done more as a sound effect.  Arron and I talked about that on the way to BCIT afterwards and think we finally get exactly what he means.   Shooting this Friday and, if we are really lucky we will be done on Sunday.  I doubt we will be done on Sunday, but it is good to have goals!

I think I have a cold.  Sigh.

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