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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 20

The up at 5am for hockey practice is going to kill me. I am sure of it!  From now on I am taking a nap before going to school...

Went in early so Arron could show me how to add the audio and visual scratch effects to the movie.  Coolness.

The lunch speaker was cancelled due to illness.  It seems that everyone is getting sick, I guess it is that time of year.

I had a bit of a panick when I realized that last weeks assignment and this weeks assignment submissions were screwed up.  Fortunately Richard was sympathetic and I wound up fixing one and email him them both just to be sure.  I also helped Richard with a book edit, the one I found a few weeks ago.  He finally found some language that, while less precise, removed the issue to the point that I would not have raised it.  That seemed like the best solution.

Richard finished off his part of the course, and I was sooooo tired I almost fell asleep :-/

John started the legal portion of the course.  We talked about IP and hypotheticals which I really like to think about.  I was too tired to think though... again nap after hockey next week.

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