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Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend 4

Not too much going on this past weekend.  On Friday we shot our films for the visual story.  It went quickly, which was the plan.  We are pretty sure we got all the shots we need.  If not a re-shoot is easy enough, it was all done at my house and almost all inside.

On Saturday Arron showed up with a DVD of the pictures, since 2.11 gigs is too much for dropbox.  Sneakernet for the win.  He joked (correctly) that it was like an old datacomm question of how fast does it take to transfer bits... I took it to school with me and Matthew (my son) who was helping another group shoot their movie.  That didn't go so smoothly... the shoot was a 2:00 and at 1:15ish it turned out the other kids could not make it.  That meant a script rewrite on the fly.  I managed to help a bit with wardrobe and entertainment by juggling apples :-)

Patrick had is do some research, agile development and improvisation.  I'll need to read what everyone posted.  I also need to read the essays from Visual Story.  I didn't get a book from Richard on Thursday... I could get one today... argh.

On Sunday Judy, Matthew, and I hung out for his birthday.  Presents, hockey game (him playing), and a movie: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

Still sick... but feeling much better.  One more day and I should be back to normal I think.

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