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Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 23

5am comes way too early.  By 7:30 I am back in bed until 10:30 - yay I slept!  Maybe I won't fall asleep in class later today.

I missed a train and wind up at the speaker 5 minutes late... but I am not the only one.  I hate being late though.

On the train ride I realized that we could take the chat thing we did in Meteor and make rooms for each of our project teams to talk in.  If we do that we can get off facebook and start using our stuff.  On the train I read a post by Larry talking about transatlantic cables and telegraphs as an analog for our project.  I tell him that was funny because of the chat idea.  He says that we haven't even shown that the chat works at all... I disagree, as we have been chatting on it.  Perhaps Larry has a different interpretation than me?  Now I am going to get the damn thing done fast.

John does the law part of the course.  It is interesting, and I want to find some way to push the discussion, but I don't really know enough to do that :-/  Must Learn More Law.  Or something like that :-)

John brings in another speaker and we talk, and do an exercise, about hardware, media, business models, etc... and where we seem them being in the next 5 years.

After that Nahum and I do some work on the new chat thing, but we are pretty brain dead.  Deb also quickly fixes our, admittedly, horrible UI design.

I stayed awake for the whole class.  Naps are good!

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