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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 19

We talked about two movies, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider, that are based on video games.  We found out why the end of Resident Evil was good and why the end of Tomb Raider was bad.  Basically Tomb Raider ignored all the things that were set up in the opening when it came to the end.

We have a new paper to write, I am doing the opening of a video game, where we need to set up things that would be able to be used in the game, specifically the climax.

The programmers had a meeting after class, where we each went over what we knew, what we wanted to get out of the project, and what we don't want to see.  We have a bunch of people that "know" C/C++, only 3 of us have web programming experience.  We want to all learn, and we all want to feel useful.  We decided to use Meteor, a JavaScript framework for both the client and server that uses MongoDB.  None of use know how to do all of that, so we are all on an even foothold, and we will all learn.

I did up a quick prototype of a login system and then stole a chat client demo.  It worked!  It was very simple... awesomesauce!

After that I learned how to edit a movie...  and I did a good enough job that we are not going to throw it away :-)

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