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Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 16

Still sick.  Grrr.

Today we talked to some people, fleshed out our idea, did a some more work on it to flesh it out more, things like user stories.

After that we had a speaker from MakerLABS, neat stuff.

After that we had a substitute teacher, Chuck from IBM.  Oddly Richard wasn't gone, his plans changed, but so we got Chuck and Richard.  Mostly Chuck.

We learned some neat things, basically how to find your job in the future.  Make a triangle with what you are (programmer) what you are passionate about (kittens) and what you want to change (ill fitting shoes).  And then you look at what opportunities for things like programmers and kittens, programmers and ill fitting shoes, and kittens and ill fitting shoes.  The opportunities that are at those intersections are possible job opportunities.  Neat stuff.

At the end of the day we posted a partition of our first iteration of our pitch to Facebook for feedback.  This does 2 things, gets us feedback, and shows that our idea could work, or not.  We got feedback so I guess that it could work :-)

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