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Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 22

Today is where we show our videos.  Somehow I manged to do most of the documentation earlyish (as in on the weekend) so there is just a little bit left to do - where are we going to show the video and will Brad show up?  He doesn't so I delete his slide.  Arron says put the movie at the end.  I want it closer to the start, but don't want to argue.  George says it should have been even earlier then where I want it.  Oh well, live and learn.  And learn I did.

All the videos from all the groups were great.  We then break up and form new groups for the next assignment.  I grab Nahum since I know he can program and isn't Arron.  Arron would be fine, but I am trying to work with new people.  Hopefully Arron is ok with that... in the end our whole team winds up in different groups.  I am working with Carlos again for the 3rd time... oh well, Carlos is cool :-)

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