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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 18

Pitch day!  We each did our pitches, answered questions from the panel, and then had lunch.  Once that was done they announced the "winner", the team with the idea that most resonated with them.  The team I was on did not win, but was one of the other two teams that got an honourable mention... basically we had features they liked.

We then had to get organized.  One thing is that no team had planned ahead on how to actually organize us, well one team had a bit of an org chart.  Chaos ensued with a number of people feeling disenfranchised.  Arron and I have a disagreement on this, I see people as choosing not to be involved, he says they were not included.

In the end I wound up on the "management" team as co-lead for the developers/programmers/engineers.  I think I just cycle through those names when every I have to talk about the team :-)

We wound up with 11 managers in a group of 39 people... mostly because the teams started to "need" communication channels, so we had a UI/UX person be the representative on the engineering team... which is insane since we have NO IDEA HOW WE ARE GOING TO ORGANIZE THE TEAMS YET!

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