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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekend 5

A lot happened this weekend.  I worked on Visual Story documentation and the website (which Arron had to finish since the web and video is broken in ways I don't understand).

The management team met in person and on Facebook to discuss how to proceed.  I had an idea, and it matched the one from Haig pretty closely so we went down that road.  We came up with using the Lean UX process to identify features.  We also need a way to go forward without the fractures that we seem to have developed as a cohort.  In the end, since I am not a member of the "winning" team, and thus less of a focal point, it was decided that I would facilitate/moderate the meeting on Tuesday.  I just want to get everyone on board and put any bad feelings behind us.  I want us to actually move forward...

Had time to bake some pumpkin pies for the MDM Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.  Sadly my son got sick just after we arrived and wound up throwing up in the kitchen area - he just about made it to the door too :-(  Poor kid.  We wound up leaving early because he was still feeling sick.

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