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Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 1

It is day 1 of my captivity... :-)

Interdisciplinary Improv.  Snazzy title, snazzy course. This is the one that rewards us for risk taking, well I am sure they all do, but this one is set up for us to take obvious risks.

Today we did crowd surfing, nobody dropped anyone, we all trust each other :-)  We then walked into walls. Well some of us did. Well, actually, those that would have walked into walls were mercifully prevented from actually obtaining their goal at the last second. Got to know your boundaries.

After all that (all?  well there was a 25 minute introduction into the course - which just shows agendas are hard to follow as it was an hour instead), we went back and each drew and explained our own version of success.  Mine was a broadening of my horizons. There are so many different backgrounds, most that I have not been exposed to (artists, writers, sound engineers) that I am bound to learn something just by being present (another thing we talked about :-).

Tomorrow we start Projects I, which will make use of the improv course too.  Love the cross pollination between the courses. 

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