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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 11

Visual story up next.  This class is so far out of my experience that it is fun.  I have not got a clue what I am doing :-)  I understand it, but I am in total learning mode.

We start the day with a game from Kim: Every Day The Same Dream.  Do we have agency?  Yes we do!

We go over endings and beginnings.  We watch part of a Bond film for the ending.  We watch part of Apocalypse Now for a beginning.  We watch the start of Assassins Creed (I forget which specific one) as well as some other games and movies.

Lunch.  Interview someone for projects (not telling you who!).

Now we do 3 line stories - beginning, middle, end.  We pick 2 lines... "A man takes hallucinogens" and "man meets bigfoot" and then have to give a synopsis for a story for sci fi, romantic comedy, spy, and a few other genres.  As we do each one we get better.  Iteration from Imrov and Projects from this week.  Synchronized... I love it.  We keep practising things in different contexts.  Finally we come up with our best story.  End scene (day).

Well not quite.  Maria, Deb, Vincy and I all take skytrain home together this time (another reason I got behind on blogging!).  We decide to practice the 60 second random talking from Monday.  Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.  I die twice, we all do.  I think someone made it over 60 seconds and Maria made it to 57!  Me, still at 15 seconds before my mind draws a total blank.  Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

Get home and do homework.  Go to bed early... have to get up at 5am for hockey practice.

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