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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend 1

Friday was busy, with non MDM stuff.  But everything I did so far in the MDM was done for TerraTap, so it is like I get double the practice! Hopefully that means less failure in any one place.

Did some reading, fell asleep... oops.

On Saturday got to stay home for the most part.  Did more reading, did my journal for the clown (waves as Patrick).  Man i hate drawing elbows, feet, and fingers!

On Sunday went in to meet with the projects team. That was very productive - we are finding our feet. I give 50/50 odds of us being broken into new teams on Tuesday. We are very low rez now. We were going to do videos, those turned into us talking. We were thinking about an animated logo, that is now slightly less than stop motion animation, complete with shots of hands holding things. We were looking at doing an infographic, that is now a simple power point presentation.

We all have our parts, and we managed to do two prototypes of the presentation to see what would work and what would not. We threw away the idea of shooting videos before we brought out the camera and tripod. Iteration, prototyping and scope - check, check, and check.

Other teams are doing Unity based hand draw vector graphics based website. That is not a scope I would like to be involved in!  If we throw all that we did away on Tuesday I think my team is fine with it. We learned how to work as a team, and get something done quickly to what we think is the right resolution. I guess you will know on Tuesday afternoon if we succeeded, or how badly we have failed.

Now heading home, after missing Matthews first balancing game in hockey :-(, to do more reading. The improv reading is incredibly dense, but we now have a couple of questions to answer... perhaps that will give me something to retain while reading. I need to read more of the book for Richard and get that index card written... keeping my head above water so far :-)

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