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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 3

Visual Story time! Watch a short movie, Zea, from 1981 which is an art film.  Ok... what have I gotten myself into?

Learn about narrative, plot, and story.  Zea doesn't have that... well it does depending on what definition you use.  Seriously, what have I gotten myself into?!

Watch another film, La Jetée, which is done with still pictures and a voice over.  WTF have I gotten myself into??!!one!

Ok calm down and just go with it.  Why not, perhaps this is what the improv course is for :-)

Next we get our project, the essence of which is create at least 4 films based off of stills that are connected someway, such as theme, colour, character, etc... the trick is that the films will be watched in any order.

Self organize your teams, and probably a good idea to have a writer, a photographer, an effects person, a sound person in each group.  Oh and there needs to be some interactive way to show the films... well I guess that would be me so at least I have something I can do beyond "act" :-)

Now comes chaos, we get a group of 5 people with the skills we need, sort of, we don't have a "real" writer, but that might be ok since we are going for a non-linear story anyways, if you don't have to break out of your way of doing things it might be easier?  Well I'll go with that anyways :-?  But the chaos is that we now have two projects going on at once, and nobody is coordinated, some meet about the stuff from yesterday, some from today, we are 39 people in about 12 different teams now, the constraints on time show up pretty fraking fast. We are also trying to communicate over Facebook which is not ideal.  Time to plan.

Speaking of planning I have to get on with my journal for impov, come up with story ideas for tomorrow (not that I can meet that group tomorrow, because I am meeting with the other group tomorrow), and think about branding.  We did manage to focus on branding a bit - we decided that we would make a company that develops interactive software to help people with learning disabilities.  Now that we have a focus we need to think about why we are doing that, how we would do it, and what it is we do.


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