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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 12

Early day, always an early day... 5am and I have a sore leg so I am not going on the ice for practice.

Get into school a bit early, Kim is in so I ask her a question on the RFP (still a secret, stop asking me!).  Her answer clarifies the scope somewhat, I know know what elements nned to go into a solution.  This part is out of order for the day... but... wind up at Larry's office and ask him the second part of the question to Kim and verify that we are in the discover stage, basically we have no met the client yet.  Ok that helps with the scope for Tuesday at dalies.

Meet with 2 other members of the Visual Story project, another one cannot make it, and the other one isn't available.  We look at what we need to do to finish the story, or at least get it to the point of a finished script.  We are having some trouble getting together at the same time which is causing us to spin our wheels somewhat.  By the end of the day we actually seem to have that issue solved.  We do wind up talking with the one who was unavailable and there are some issues with the direction we are going and our admitted lack of organization.  It doesn't help that we have had 1 out of 4 meetings with all members present.

Arron and I head off to talk to George to make sure that what we are doing is ok.  It is.  Yay!

Have a quick, and a bit volatile talk with the unavailable member.  I feel bad, we are all frustrated and I am under a time pressure for the phone call because I have to go interview another person for Projects.  We end the conversation tersely, not liking that.  I need to work on that.

Do the interview, a bit rushed because at 12:00 we have a guest speaker, Matt Toner, very interesting.  He actually talks about disruptive technologies using his recent political campaign as an example.  Shows that what we are learing is applied to way more than just digital media.  Cool.

(I find myself saying "cool" a lot now... thanks Kim)

I need to ask Richard for an index card for my book report (the totally optional, why am I doing this, I have no time, book report).  I rudely copy my notes out onto the card while Matt is speaking... sigh.  Note to self don't forget to get an index car when you get the next book (what are you doing getting another book!!!)

Richards class is fun.  We cover the telegraph.  This is actually really amazing!  Do yourself a favour and research it, packet switching, scanners, stored data, all before 1900... I am amazed and sort of saddened that we still use all those basics still today.  On one hand they are so simple they work, on the other hand we should have something better.  I just realized that we could do TCP/IP over telegraph... it can be done with carrier pigeon so why not?

We have birthday cake for the 3, no 4 birthdays in Sept.  We also had cake yesterday.  I am going to get fat.

This eats into Richards class time which makes us go over, but I don't think we mind.

At the start of class we also went over our blog posts to try and unify them.  So I worked with a group that all did the digital divide.  Nice to see others perspectives.

At the end of the day I get another book (why! - oh yeah I like reading...) and the 5 of us in our Visual Story course get together.  We hash out some things, and come up with a plan.  I am now in the mode I hate... let things fall apart and then take charge.  I need to do that earlier... I hate it but I am not terrible at it.  I may as well get better at it.

Arron sends me a message later saying he didn't appreciate something I said.  I quickly explain (I have to eat dinner... it is 8:00) and talk to Judy about it.  I was wrong apparently and now I know why I was wrong... well at least I learned something.  I apologize to Arron and we talk some more about what is "wrong" with us and what we need to work on to fix it.  Apparently I am getting better at not interrupting... yay me.  We come up with some ideas and a plan to remind each other if we start to make the mistakes.  Having Arron is good, someone else might not tell me when I screw up :-) 

Yay all my blogs entries are done for now.  Let's try not to fall behind again, ok?

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