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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 8

A very long day today: up at 5am for hockey.  Drove Matthew to school with his bass guitar, which he will now leave at school because it is huge and heavy :-)  Then off to school.  I swear I fell asleep 4 times before I made it to school... not a good sign :-(

Once I am at school I want to re-read the chapter before class, which is in 3 hours, so not too hard to do.  Start off in the common area and find that it is too loud.  Rats.  Then I remember we have project rooms :-)  And project room #2 is empty :-)  I have a quiet place to read.

I forgot to bring tea :-(  Must pack that when I get home!  I catch George just after he meets with a project group and talk to him about Breaking Bad.  I wanted to know if they would have planned out the whole series at once or if it just goes where it goes.  It just goes where it goes apparently, with some level of planning for the season and perhaps a bit into the next, along with the character changes.  Now I am more impressed with Breaking Bad - it has a very coherent story.

Deb arrives and I scrounge a tea bag from her :-)  She asks me to watch her book (the one for the Foundations class) while she is in a meeting.  She kindly leaves it out in case someone wants to read the paper version instead of the electronic version.

Time for lunch.  We have a presentation from a game developer, Jesse Joudrey of Jespionage. Good talk, good insights. I am either glad I didn't hear his talk now or there is no way Judy would have started a company :-)

After lunch we start the class.  We all do our book reports and, if we want, get new books.  A few of us take new books, no marks, but it is a good thing to do, and a good way to spend some time not on school work.  The "winner" at the end, the one who reads/reports on the most in consecutive weeks, wins a book.  I like books... so do other people.  I wonder what happens if there is a tie?

This class has the most traditional style of a course.  It is a good counterpoint to the rest of the program... without it I might start a slow descent into madness... ... ...

After that 4/5 of us head downtown to check out Futureshop and the Apple Store for the project course.  It seems that Radio Shack, or the Source by Circuit City, or whatever they are now called, isn't where it was.  We have also all been to Best Buy recently, so enough to do our research.

And now heading home... I need to eat something!

Edit: Oh yeah, the Deb and her book.  Of course when the talk started I forgot about the book and it vanished :-(... but we found it, it had been turned in to the front desk :-)  I grabbed it for Deb, but then she disappeared (some sort of plot?  Her and the book not getting along?).  The were reunited before I went home!

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