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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 9

Sign.  Busy week, and no time to do the blog.  Mostly I blame Vincy.  Why?  Why not!

From recollection, we did a fun exercise where we had to talk for 60 seconds on a random topic without saying "um", taking to long of a pause, or being overly repetitive.  Arron kindly gave me kleptomania.  To be fair I gave him medieval architecture.  I paused for too long and someone shouted out "die!" which ended my time on stage and earned them a chocolate from Patrick.  I managed to earn a chocolate as well from killing someone... so not all was lost!  None of us made 60 seconds, a few were close.

We also did some time limited Facebook poetry, thoughts, and describe what a product could be useful for, all based on pictures of a blimp or two dancers.  My little poem: "Good Year. Great Year. Drink Some Beer. Don't Grind Your Gears. Shed no Tears. Swallow your Fears." at least it rhymes I guess :-)

We then went to the hanger and build a tower out of some sort of large plastic construction toy.  We did well the first time (10 minutes) but our 5 minutes to make it taller made it predictably shorter.

Then we did 3 iterations of making a story about overcoming a challenge with cutouts of comic books.  Each time our stories got clearer.  

Lesson of the day: Iterate.  Iterate.  Iterate.

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