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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 7

Today was visual story day., specifically we looked at Blade Runner.  We watched the first act with George stopping the movie frequently and talking about different things.  Story is cool.  Interconnected story is cooler.  I had no idea so much went into the visuals of the story, just little things in the background.  I also had no idea that story making was so messy and seemingly random.

Note to self: tie that in with Richards report on the book I am reading... which is due tomorrow.  Note to self: get writing the report - only one index card in length thankfully.  That book broke my brain, I want to finish it out of interest now.

After lunch we sat in a large circle while Gwen, who apparently is the only person there that has neat hand writing (yay Gwen!) got to write on index cards (do I see a theme?  Nah probably just random... hmmm note to self: get some index cards) a story that we, guided a lot by George, came up with a story.  The backdrop was the London Olympics, specifically Canada winning bronze.  We decided i was not a romantic comedy (where the world pushes two people together) but a comedic romance (where the world keeps two people apart) (see I learned something :-).  The neat thing was writing each bit on the cards, and then seeing the ways that the cards have different elements tracked on them (the element of messy data that ties in with the book).

My group for Projects is happier with meeting tomorrow at 6:30 for the Futureshop/Metrotown trip.  That is great since now I can be on the train (which I am now) and going to do the stuff with my family (work/life balance achievement).  Tonight is a lot of writing - Richards index card and get Patricks stuff out of the way (a letter, draw my ideal house, and write about my walking in video (which I forgot to grab off the only accessible from school computer network share... d'oh!).

Note to self; don't forget things.

We also have bee brainstorming on the movies... including getting a potential person to be our Sirified voice :-)  Yay Sarah!

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