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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 10

Projects had a quick daily on our trips to the stores.  So now we have our persona as a team and the persona of a company.  Cool.  Well both teams no longer exist so what is up next?  A new project of course.

The basic idea is that we are turning the projects course into a project.  How meta I know.  Before we dive into that though Larry showed us an example of iterations gone through to make a commercial.  Pretty neat, starting with, you hopefully guessed it, discovering who the client is.  Iterations, wait that was from yesterday in Improv.  Liking how things tie together.  We are taken from sketches, through different iterations of the commercial, and up to the final version.  Of course it comes complete with the basics of what would happen in dailies.

We move on to RFPs and RFP responses.  And we are given our RFP - how to get the process of the MDM out to people in an interactive way.  There is more to it than that but good enough for now.  We can pick our teams.  5 people per team, has to have a programmer, has to have a visual person, has to have an archiver (I think those where the 3 things...) can't be all women, can't be all ESL, probably cannot be all the people who teach too.  Edward asks if I want to work with him, sure never worked with Edward before.  Deb either, so we ask her.  Then Carlos, who I have worked with but I am not that adamant about not working with the same people twice, and Carlos is cool :-)  Then Vincy and Heiwei want to steal me... eventually we all team up to be a group of 6.  That is until Vincy turns traitor by the lure of chocolate to another team :-(.

Now we have our team... time for lunch.

Now we ate... time to work.

Having finally learned we put together the team charter at the start.  Good plan!  Edward wants to try managing, cool.  Deb will help mentor him in that, also cool.  We do a SWOT for us and the MDM.  We figure out who interacts with the MDM.  We ask questions of Larry and Kim.  We come up with a set of 10 questions and about 7 people to interview.  We will be discovering what the MDM is all about, which is good as we are in the discovery phase.  We also figure out who we will interview (each of us do about 3 interviews in pairs).  Who did I interview?  Not going to tell... did I mention it is a competitive process?  Se are basically going to do a 39 person project.  The team that is selected to have their solution implemented will manage the project.  Hmmmm... winning is fun, but that is pressure... oh wait we are here for pressure... bring it on! :-)

Arron and I head out to BCIT... long day.

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