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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 6

Got in early today to practice the presentation one last time.  Noticeably the presentation is not in dropbox... seems that it was on the computer but never got pushed up.  I get a copy, we put it in the dropbox, and get ready.

First up rules of play for the session, don't talk, safe environment, etc... We are told by Larry that we have to frame our presentation.  We are up first to present... with this money wrench in our plans.  We manage to choose Vincy to do this, she does, but clearly not well enough as it is pointed out that we didn't do it... lesson learned - clarity of presentation.

Once we are done come the critiques. Try to remember as much of the feedback as possible... lesson learned - bring a pad and pen to dailies.

All the other teams go.  We had the shortest presentation (maybe 5 minutes with the figuring out who started our speaking, thanks Vincy!) and simplest deliverable.  Of course we, like pretty much every other team, missed the mark... a few more lessons learned - verify your understanding of the project is the biggest.

Break for lunch.

After lunch there is a presentation by Luke Jurevicius who created The Adventures of Figaro Pho.  Very interesting, I really like story I am finding. Oddly enough at lunch I talked to Judy and she has a plan for story with the company... weird or what?!

Come back and do a reflection on our branding so far, KFC: Keep, Fix, Change, based on the feedback we got in the morning.  I think almost everyone felt like failures, I had to remind my group that we only fail if we don't learn from it.  Next up, the next iteration of our project: 20 minutes to take a box of random crafty things and make a new prototype of our branding.  We spend the next 10 minutes coming up with ideas, and 10 minutes crafting it. We decide that knowledge was the most important part, and come up with a walnut crafted out of playdough.  There is a tree too.  Perhaps I am not visual enough but I was happy with just the green (yes green) nut.  Joey did an amazing job to make the wall nut look realistic.  Amazing.

We "get" to go first again and everyone in my group tries to get me to present.  Why always me?!  Maria does it instead.  Lesson learned - but succinct in your presentation.  Best quote of the day was something like (yeah not an actual quote) "After you have sold it, shut up."

Every team gets a turn taking something abstract and making it real.  Another good thing heard from Patrick (at some point earlier in the day) was to "create impactful moments".

Finally we get assigned new teams.  Bye bye old teams.  I am now on a team with another group of people I have never worked with before.  Cool. The task?  For us it is to go to Futureshop, both the store and the website, and get to know them. We have 20 minutes to come up with our impression on what their messaging is. Should also go to competitors and check them out. My group decides to hit Futureshop tomorrow and then head out to Metrotown to check out some competitor stores. Then I remember I have a family and we have a school BBQ to go to... grrr (at myself). Well I can give Metrotown a miss, I know the other stores. Hopefully I will have time to do both.

Off to BCIT for LEGO!

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